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Holistic Esthetics, Pain Management & Reiki.
Pearl Irigoyen

My Journey

Pain Management

Welcome to my page! My focus is to help reduce pain and increase mobility so you can go back to doing what you love. Pain and stiffness should never control your life or daily activities. Why let it hold you back from enjoying taking long walks on the beach or going for a bike ride with friends? 


I have trained in different techniques to help my clients reduce pain and increase mobility. Myofascial release, massage for orthopedic conditions, muscle energy techniques, cross-fiber friction are the main therapies I use. Call or text by clicking here  so you can take back control of your life. Stop letting pain control you.

Herbal Esthetics

Skincare therapies for acne, rosacea, and wrinkles are my specialty. My goal is to heal the natural protective barrier and restore it to its optimal function. This creates a healthy balance so your skin looks soft, and beautiful. Get lasting resulta without going under a knife. All treatments are non-invasive and avoide stripping the skin as is common in the beauty industry. Restoring skin function and health is the key to lasting and beautiful results everyone will notice. 


I am very happy to say that I integrate scientifically proven therapies and ancient healing techniques. Each session is customized for every client according to their needs. Call or Text to book your appontment.

Pearl Irigoyen became a licensed esthetician in 2013. She began her career in skincare 12 years before becoming licensed. She trained extensively with leading cosmetic formulators in the industry and becoming one herself in 2016. She continues to study and remains up to date with the latest beauty ingredient trends and latest scientific research.


Pearl graduated Esthetics and Massage Therapy with honors. She completed her Associate's Degree in Applied Science with honors at Horry-Georgetown Technical College in 2021, and was inducted in the Alpha Nu Sigma honor society that same year.

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